Social Media Posts

Create Social Media Posts With A Purpose

Every business has goals, some bigger than others, but how consistent is your business with working towards those goals each day? Do your social media posts contribute to achieving those year long goals? This Simply Measured article is all about posting on social media with a purpose. Those long term goals do take time and patients to achieve, but it’s… Read More

Social Media Competition

Transform Social Marketing With Competitive Analysis

If you are like most social marketers you are probably spending several hours a day on social media. But how much of that time are you investing into getting to know your competition? Do you even know who your competitors are? These are questions that you should have the answers to, and there is no better way to keep an… Read More

Supercharge Your Video Influencer Marketing

Video marketing is obviously a very important part of any marketing strategy for most businesses today. As such, it’s imperative that video marketing is well planned out to generate the greatest number of conversions. Video marketing is extremely effective when focused on the right influences that will resonate with your target audience. This Simply Measured article goes into great detail… Read More

2017 Predictions

Social Media Predictions for 2017

While browsing through some of my usual social media news sources, I came across a great article that was recently published discussing social media predictions for 2017. Some of the predictions are quite bold, but I believe most are right on track with what we’ve seen in 2016. As of today I’ve already seen some announcements by Facebook that are… Read More

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