Supercharge Your Video Influencer Marketing

Video marketing is obviously a very important part of any marketing strategy for most businesses today. As such, it’s imperative that video marketing is well planned out to generate the greatest number of conversions. Video marketing is extremely effective when focused on the right influences that will resonate with your target audience. This Simply Measured article goes into great detail… Read More

Social Media Studies

Social Media Studies To Make You A Smarter Marketer

I personally can’t get my hands on enough social media studies. I find studies across multiple networks extremely informative, especially if you are able to find similar studies done at different times. There’s really no better way to compare data to spot trend shifts in how people are using and engaging on a social media platform. This article from Buffer… Read More

Image Trends For Powerful Visuals

Pictures can say a thousand words, but viral imagery can be seen by millions of people. Learning more about the types of graphics that are trending and working effectively to generate conversions is imperative for marketers. Here’s a recent article we came across on Simply Sorted that discusses the current image trends as seen by Shutterstock. From Drones to 3D… Read More

15 Tip List

15 Advanced Social Media Tips

Simply Measured created a list of 29 advanced social media tips. This blurb covers three tips from each of the five networks covered (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Snapchat). Even though Simply Measured put this list of tips together, the tips actually come from several social media experts. Overall, there’s some great information here and I highly suggest reviewing the… Read More

Live Video Rolling Out On Instagram & Twitter

Big news for anyone using or interested in using live video in the future! Both Instagram and Twitter are rolling out their live video features. There’s really no better time to start utilizing live video in your social media strategies. I know many people have found live video to be extremely effective for conversions, but I’m interested to see some… Read More

2017 Predictions

Social Media Predictions for 2017

While browsing through some of my usual social media news sources, I came across a great article that was recently published discussing social media predictions for 2017. Some of the predictions are quite bold, but I believe most are right on track with what we’ve seen in 2016. As of today I’ve already seen some announcements by Facebook that are… Read More

Bad Social Media Strategies

Social Media Tactics To Trash In 2017

Here’s a great article from Socially Sorted that discusses outdated social media strategies that were once effective, but should be avoided going into 2017. According to Donna Twitter auto direct messages, adding LinkedIn contacts to email lists, Instagram auto comments, randomly adding people to Facebook groups, and reckless tagging should all be abandoned practices. For the most part I do… Read More

Instagram Cover

New Instagram Features for Comments & Other Social Media News

Many changes on the way this week, but one of the biggest is coming to Instagram. Comment moderation is finally being implemented in the near future. Once this new feature has been added Instagram users will be able to like comments by clicking on a heart beside the comment. In addition to liking comments, you will also be able to… Read More

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