Get Your Content Featured On Google
By Neil Patel  /  January 23, 2017
How To Create An Authentic Social Presence
By Melanie Matias  /  January 22, 2017
Facebook Live From the Desktop
By KnoMedia  /  January 19, 2017
Get 300 Targeted Instagram Followers Per Day
By Neil Patel  /  January 15, 2017
Social Media Manager Skills

Essential Social Media Manager Skills & Qualities

There are many professional social media managers, but what is the driver behind their success? What are the characteristics that make a successful social media marketer? This Buffer podcast focuses on just these questions as hosts Brian, Hailley, and Kevan share their top three social media manager skills and qualities. Which of these traits and skills do you possess? We… Read More

How To Create An Authentic Social Presence

Building an authenticate social media presence is a worthwhile investment that all businesses should strive to achieve. People love to follow & connect with the brands they love. Especially if customers know a business welcomes feedback and thoughts of their products or services on social media. Developing a natural and engaging social community with the people following your business does… Read More

Facebook Live From the Desktop

The recent release of Facebook Live on the desktop has opened a whole new dynamic to live video. People and businesses will be able to reach their audiences through additional platforms which will open many more doors and continue to shape social engagement. This Social Media Examiner article highlights some of the big changes to social media platforms in recent… Read More

Repurpose Posts

Repurpose Your Popular Social Media Posts

Do you have popular social media posts that keep on giving? If so, how are you using those posts to continually engage your audience? Re-purposing popular posts is one of the best ways to take something that has worked for you in the past and allow it to continue working for you in a fresh new way. After all, what… Read More

Pinterest Board

How to Make Your Pinterest Pins Look Like a Million Bucks

For those of you unfamiliar with Peg Fitzpatrick, she’s one of the leading social marketers on Pinterest. This article discusses a recent post of Peg’s that’s focused entirely on optimizing Pins for social engagement. These six very simple steps can also be applied to your posts on other networks as well. After all, the whole point of sharing your business… Read More

FB Test

Testing Facebook Landing Pages

If you’re like most social marketers chances are you’ve tried or currently use Facebook ads at one time or another. Getting people to actually click your ads is one thing, but leading those people who actually click your ads to convert is an entirely different story. This Social Sprout article is broken into two critical parts. The first section discusses… Read More

Twitter For Small Business In 2017

As the title suggest, this article is all about utilizing Twitter for your business in 2017. Whether you have a Twitter account and don’t really use it, or if your are just getting started on Twitter this Social Sprout discussion will help get you started on the right foot. The fact is like any social network Twitter is constantly evolving… Read More

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