How To Create An Authentic Social Presence
By Melanie Matias  /  January 22, 2017
Facebook Live From the Desktop
By KnoMedia  /  January 19, 2017
Get 300 Targeted Instagram Followers Per Day
By Neil Patel  /  January 15, 2017
Influence Marketing

Influence More People To Subscribe On YouTube

Whether you have an established YouTube channel or if you’re just getting started consistently gaining subscribers can be challenging. This Social Sprout article discusses several ways to improve your effectiveness of leading viewers to hit that subscribe button. There are so many ways to influence people to subscribe to your channel. This is why it’s so important to be aware… Read More

YouTube Live Stream

YouTube Mobile Live Streaming

YouTube’s live streaming is now available to publishers with more than 10,000 subscribers on the native YouTube mobile app. Along with the live streaming service the new monetization tool called Super Chat is now available. Super Chat allows fans to purchase a sticky message that can get pinned to the top of the chat feed for up to five hours.… Read More

Social Media Posts

Create Social Media Posts With A Purpose

Every business has goals, some bigger than others, but how consistent is your business with working towards those goals each day? Do your social media posts contribute to achieving those year long goals? This Simply Measured article is all about posting on social media with a purpose. Those long term goals do take time and patients to achieve, but it’s… Read More

Does It Matter How Many Social Media Followers You Have?

How many followers does your business have on social media and does the number really matter? Well, that all depends on who is following you. Having a ton of followers is great and makes you feel good about your business, but if those people are not genuinely interested in your business chances are that person will not become a customer.… Read More

Find Qualified Leads With Social Listening

Do you use social media to find and target new customers? I’m not talking about creating a post in the hopes of driving random people to your website, but actually engaging and having a conversation with people who need what you have. Do you know how to find and approach qualified leads through social media? If you don’t or if… Read More

Social Media Competition

Transform Social Marketing With Competitive Analysis

If you are like most social marketers you are probably spending several hours a day on social media. But how much of that time are you investing into getting to know your competition? Do you even know who your competitors are? These are questions that you should have the answers to, and there is no better way to keep an… Read More

Improve E-Commerce

Easy Marketing Investments To Improve E-Commerce

Most new online business owners instinctively think that they should invest in marketing and ways to drive traffic to their sites almost immediately after the site goes live. If you have been in this position or if you’re in it now, is your site really ready to receive traffic? This latest Moz Blog article discusses five key elements that will… Read More

Social Media Manager Skills

Essential Social Media Manager Skills & Qualities

There are many professional social media managers, but what is the driver behind their success? What are the characteristics that make a successful social media marketer? This Buffer podcast focuses on just these questions as hosts Brian, Hailley, and Kevan share their top three social media manager skills and qualities. Which of these traits and skills do you possess? We… Read More

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